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What others have to say...

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Clint Lowery

(Sevendust, Korn, Dark New Day)

"Writing with BD was like playing with someone who already knew what the outcome of the song was gonna be from the first riff written. He visualizes the concept of the song and what it calls for on the drums from the very beginning!! He refuses to stop growing as a musician which makes him very hard to keep up with!! I always look forward to a chance to jam with him!!!"

William Duvall

(Comes With The Fall, Alice In Chains)

"For many years now, Bevan has been the rock upon which I've relied, the engine that drives the CWTF locomotive. Ours is very much a Page/Bonham, Townshend/Moon, Hendrix/Mitchell relationship. I can't think of anyone with whom I'd rather share the stage or studio."

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Vinnie Paul

(Hellyeah, Pantera, Damage Plan)

“BEVAN is a world class drummer with all the skills necessary in today's modern drumming world to captivate and impress audiences everywhere... from the laid back groove of Jerry Cantrell to the shear brutality of Bloodsimple...BEVAN does it all and I can guarantee you you’re playin with a winner when BEVAN is the backbone of your band!!!!”

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Jerry Cantrell

(Alice in Chains)

“Mr. Davies is a fine musician and a friend. Gold star. Works and plays well With others. A+

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Wayne Static

(Static X)

"Bevan is a real Pro. When our drummer broke his hand in the middle of a tour last year, Bevan jumped right in and rocked it for us!"


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Mikey Doling

(Snot, SoulFly, Invitro)

"All I gotta say is bevan should change his name to :The Wolf" like the character on Pulp Fiction... We (Invitro) needed a drummer last minute to finish our tour with Sevendust. A friend of ours suggested Bevan. He learned our set at home to the CD and then came in a couple days and rocked! Bevan is easy going and hard working!! Easy to tour with... and kicks ass on those drums every night! A real pro!!"

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